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The Class is $95 per person if paying at the door or pay online in advance and receive a 10% discount!


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I took the class today February 14th. The weather was brutal and these instructors found a safe effective way to structure the class so we could get all the required content and not get soaked! I really enjoyed the instruction and learning process of the legal aspects. The shooting portion was fair and explained very well to ensure safety and completion. Thank you!

Hello, Henry and Brooksie Brooks here. We signed up for the September 27th class. To date we have not received any confirmation. Is there anything more needed from us prior to the class? Thanks

Hello Patricia! We first start out in the classroom; located at 310 Olive Branch Rd., Marshville, NC. This is where we will meet to begin. After completion of the required testing for the permit, we will travel about 3 miles down the road from the fire department to one of our instructor’s own shooting range for the rest of the class. I hope this helps, and hope to see you soon!!

Hello Diane, our classes vary depending on availability. We try to post a class at least once a month and they are usually located in the Union County area, specifically Marshville, NC. Our next class is going to be on Sunday, August 16th if you’re interested! Just click on the sign up tab and fill out the information and you’re all set! I hope this helps!

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